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Nana’s Exquisite Confections is proud to be a bakery that passionately produces “Up-scale” versions of “Yester-Year” desserts.  We are known for and specialize in baked goods of high-quality ingredients. If you are an individual who appreciates the time and preparation that goes into making “High Quality” desserts from scratch, then Nana’s Exquisite Confections is the bakery for you.  A few of these home-style desserts, particularly the Pound Cakes, are customarily made in African American homes, but there is no large-scale manufacturing of any of these home-style desserts, that are of consistently high quality and where these “non-additives” desserts can be reproduced time and time again with the same “Exquisite” quality and taste.


Nana’s Exquisite Confections offers a variety of exciting products:

 Specialty Cakes:  German Chocolate / Carrot / Pineapple Upside Down / Red Velvet. 

Pound Cakes:  Almond / Banana / Chocolate / Champaign / Lemon / Spice / Strawberry / Vanilla / 7-up.

Breakfast Breads:  Banana / Blueberry / Pumpkin / Zucchini.

Tarts:  Apple / Berry / Lemon Citrus / Pecan / Peach Sweet Potato.

Cookies:  Chocolate Chip (with & w/o Pecans or Walnuts) / Peanut Butter / Oatmeal Orange Cranberry / Oatmeal Raisin & Pecan Shortbread.

3 Layered Party Cakes:  Almond / Banana / Chocolate / Lemon / Strawberry / Vanilla.

Swiss Meringue Butter Cream Frostings:  Almond / Banana / Chocolate / Lemon / Strawberry / Vanilla.

Fillings:  Chocolate /Lemon / Raspberry / Strawberry / Vanilla Cream

Nana's Commitments

To consistently provide unparalleled in quality, signature home-style desserts.


To never forget the struggles of the past as we know this is what will ensure a better tomorrow.


To ensure yester-years philosophies are incorporated with new age concepts and processes.


To embark upon opportunities of conquering defeat. 


To proclaim in God we must trust.


To do whatever we can, to bridge the gaps of all ages, for the sake of generational connections.   

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