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A Tribute to My Founders

I was ever so fortunate to be born and raised by a family that not only appreciates good food, but found the greatest joy in the preparation and plating processes.


My Mom and Grandmothers always emphasized as it related to their kitchen, “If you’re going to do anything, you have to do it right”.  Mind you, this was inclusive of keeping a clean kitchen and making sure that the ingredients that were used were always fresh and of high quality.


With these two expectations consistently being emphasized, I had no choice but to adhere to them if I wanted  to be in any of their kitchens.  I also appreciate my father for both 
introducing and making me an active part of his insurance agency business at 
the age of 15.  This experience was an introduction to helping me to know that 
even some of the most incredible things are possible.

Our History

I Reverence the Lord 

The fruition of Nana’s Exquisite Confections, formally known as Exquisite Indulgence Desserts, was not anything that happened by chance, but it was through divine inspirational direction.  In 2006, through the tugging of my heart and soul I felt I needed to begin using my gifts, talents, and abilities to make a difference for others.  Then I thought “What specifically would those things be” Then it came to me not only do I love to bake, but I have learned a great deal from my many years of service in the corporate world to make some exciting and incredible things happen and in the way that I envision them. 


Our definition of prosperity is not only prefaced towards money, but it is inclusive of the employees and customers lives being touched and changed in the process.  We do not just want to sell “Exquisite Confections”, but we are also excited about imparting words of encouragement into the lives of all that cross our path.   Words that will restore and inspire persons to reach for their dreams and to remind them that no matter what they define as an obstacle, they can overcome. 


Nana’s Exquisite Confections wants to embark upon the opportunity of grooming young people with some of yesteryears philosophies; always do your best, that time and patience are essential for growth, to never shortchange themselves, be the best and don’t settle for less.    

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